Mi Horario Web (MHW)

Mi Horario Web (MHW)
Currently we are working on improve and update of NodeJS version of the Lambda functions, so the website is not working properly.

This is an online timetable generator for students of the ESPOL University. It allows to obtain information of the planned courses, statistics of the teacher in charge and to generate options of schedules according to the courses and selected parallels.

The project is developed in React and Material-UI, MongoDB as main database for all courses information and FireStore as realtime database for update de progress of schedule generation on the client side.

The steps to create schedules are:

  1. Select the subjects that you will take.

  2. Selected the course numbers that you would like to choose. In this section you can also see the course's teacher, his/her qualification and student's opinios about him/her.

  3. The you can execute the schedules generations, the process can take a while, so a progress bar is show up with the progress update in real time.

  4. Finally you can see all the options of schedules with out conflict on hours class or exams. You can also download the information as a table (just course numbers and subject) or download the calendar view.

You can visit the page here.

Tech used

  • React

  • Material-UI

  • MongoDB

  • Highcharts

  • AWS: State machines, lambda functions

  • Firebase database

  • Github Action (CD/CI)